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Welcome Yash to High Output
2 min read

Welcome Yash to High Output

Yash teaching data science

For the past two years, I've been a solopreneur and an "army of one." Despite working alone, I've always wanted to build something far bigger than myself. This is why I created High Output instead of

I realized that in order for us to achieve our mission of "helping the creators of tomorrow maximize their full potential as founders and humans" I had to grow the company beyond myself. There was no way I'd be able to scale and create massive impact as a lone wolf. I had reached my limits.

This week marks a new chapter for the company. The time has come to evolve and scale High Output. I am no longer an "army of one."

I'm excited to announce that Yash Tekriwal has joined me as Chief of Staff at High Output. Yash is a special talent.

Yash brings a tremendous breadth of skills and experiences to High Output. He's a founder, coach, teacher, no code guru, productivity junkie and so much more. He has worked in the trenches, led teams, supported founders, taught students, and built and shipped products.

Previously, Yash was the Co-Founder of Lectureless, an immersive online learning platform focused on cohort based courses. Before that he was a consultant at JJellyfish, a boutique consulting firm that works with post-Series A startups. He has also been a Coach at Seth Godin's altMBA for the past two years. Earlier in his career, he taught data science at Forge, an entrepreneurship & education non-profit based in Charlottesville, VA. He even got a perfect SAT score in High School.

Yash has unique experience and perspective at the intersection of learning, coaching, and automation. He calls this his "human potential flywheel."  More powerful learning strengthens community. Focused coaching creates more powerful learning. No-code automations enables focus on human work instead of busy work. He's going to bring this flywheel to High Output and help us embed it into everything we do.

Yash has the ideal blend of intellectual horsepower, curiosity and humility required to grow personally while also serving others. It was evident from our first meeting that he's a multipotentalite.

On top of all this and most importantly, Yash a great human being with strong values and low ego.

So you might be wondering, what is Yash going to do as Chief of Staff. The answer is a little bit of everything. He's is going to wear a bunch of hats and manage a variety of projects. These include the founder experience, the High Output podcast, investment diligence, workshops, and so much more. He's already making his presence felt.

We have a big vision for High Output. Our dream and plan is to create a new organization that invests in the whole founder. We're just at the beginning of that journey. And I couldn't be more psyched to have Yash on board.

Join me in welcoming Yash to High Output. You can follow him on Twitter at @tekondeck or check out his personal site at I have no doubt that Yash is going to have a massive impact at High Output and beyond in the coming years.

I can't wait to share more about what we're building together. It's time to get to work! 💪🏽

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