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On Deck: How to Run an Investment Process
1 min read

On Deck: How to Run an Investment Process

On Deck: How to Run an Investment Process

On Friday, I led a workshop on fundraising for the current class of the On Deck Fellows. I used to teach a similar workshop at General Assembly and Skillshare many years ago.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine.  I love sharing what I have learned over the past two decades in technology, startups and venture. I also enjoy hearing what is top of mind for founders especially at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys. Workshops and classes will be a core component of High Output in the future.

This specific workshop lasted only an hour but we were able to cover a lot of ground. We walked through how to run a structured fundraising process as well as the process I use to make angel investments. I felt it was important for the Fellows to see and understand how the process works for both the founder and the investor.

Below is my presentation to the On Deck Fellows. As you'll see, I just scratched the surface on the topic, but I plan to build on this in the coming months.

May you find the slides handy, thought provoking and /or immediately actionable. Godspeed.

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