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Nuke Your Twitter Feed In The New Year
1 min read

Nuke Your Twitter Feed In The New Year


One of my 2014 goals is to remove clutter in life and focus on quality. This doesn’t just include physical items like clothing and other random “stuff” but also digital things like the number of apps on my phone or the blogs I actively follow.

A few weeks ago I realized my Twitter feed was becoming unbearable.  Since 2007 I had followed more than 4,000 individuals, startups, established brands, parody accounts, celebrities and media companies.  The signal to noise ratio had pretty much hit zero. I couldn’t keep up.

I finally decided to search for a solution that would help me quickly unfollow everyone so I could rebuild my follower list from scratch. The rationale was simple: start over and carefully curate the accounts I follow so my feed would become relevant once again. After all, Twitter is only as good as the people you follow.

Fortunately, Kane Hsieh, our badass Analyst at RRE, pointed me towards a nifty hack on Lifehacker that nuked my Twitter feed in less than a minute. Two weeks into my little experiment, I’m enjoying Twitter more than ever before. The feed moves at a snail’s pace and the signal to noise ratio is much much higher.

Some people were offended when I unfollowed them. That’s the one major downfall to this strategy. I approached this by apologizing but explaining that I didn’t single out one person.  Over the next few months I’ll be rebuilding my feed and I’m excited to reconnect with many folks I respect.

If you ever think about uncluttering your digital life, I highly recommend giving this life hack a try. Nuking your Twitter feed can seem scary but I promise you’ll feel liberated. I know I do.

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