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Welcoming Micah Baldwin to High Output!
2 min read

Welcoming Micah Baldwin to High Output!

Welcoming Micah Baldwin to High Output!

It’s rare when an opportunity arises to partner with someone you deeply trust, admire and respect. It’s doubly rare when that person happens to be a friend, mentor and confident.

Those among the many reasons why I’m thrilled to share that Micah Baldwin has joined High Output as our very first Coach-In-Residence.

Micah and I have known each other for a decade and have built a close relationship over the last three years. We share many of the same values including building community and being in service. We always hoped there would be an opportunity to collaborate. That opportunity came sooner than I thought.

About a month ago, Micah explained he was eager to step fully into coaching but he wasn’t sure how to kickstart his practice. I immediately offered to help and extended an invitation to join me at High Output as a Coach-In-Residence. Thankfully, he accepted.

These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Micah:


Community Builder.












Micah has been a fixture in the tech community for more than two decades. He has navigated multiple tech cycles as a player, coach, and investor.

His resume speaks for itself. Micah has built and ran multiple companies as a solo founder. He worked at Amazon and evangelized AWS within the startup ecosystem. He was a founder of Create 33, an entrepreneur center in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, Micah has been an active Techstars mentor since 2007. He has literally mentored and advised hundreds of companies and founders. On top of all this, he’s a trained coach.

Simply put, Micah lives to support founders. He has walked in their shoes and understands the entrepreneurial journey. Those closest to Micah, know coaching is what he was born to do. His commitment to and passion for serving founders is unwavering and legendary.

So what does it mean to be a Coach-In-Residence at High Output? Honestly, this is an experiment. We're still figuring it out. To begin, High Output will provide Micah with a place to call home, an administrative backend and a small community to exchange learnings and ideas. I plan to share everything I've learned about building a coaching practice over the past three years. This includes frameworks, tips, tactics, templates and more.

The goal is to help Micah establish his practice as quickly as possible so he can focus all of his energy supporting founders. We plan to learn and evolve the Coach-In-Residence role together with open minds and hearts. He could be with us for a few months or many years. Time will tell. It'll be a symbiotic relationship no matter how long he is here.

I have no doubt that Micah will have a big impact at High Output and alongside the founders and leaders in our community. He brings unique founder DNA to the organization along with decades of lived experience and wisdom. I’m confident his presence will be felt immediately.

Finally, this also marks a new chapter for High Output. I believe we have an opportunity build a collective of coaches dedicated to serving the creators of tomorrow. Bringing Micah on board is just a first step on that path. We’ll see where it leads us.

All that said, if you’re a leader looking for a coach or just want to say hi to Micah, you can check out his website or contact him at

Please join me in welcoming Micah to High Output!

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