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I have invested in more than 50 startups since 2017. These investments are public at the moment. As of October 2021, I am taking a pause from investing so I can focus all of my energy on coaching and other pursuits.

  • Brightwheel: saas platform for early education
  • Carefull: the security system for your parents' money
  • Citizen: safety and awareness network
  • Clubhouse: drop-in audio chat
  • automated creativity tools
  • Every: a writer collective focused on business
  • Grapevine: platform that powers giving circles
  • Halcyon Health: evidence-based addiction recovery
  • Heat Watch: platform to help buildings reduce oil consumption
  • Homelister: a new way to sell your home
  • Leda Health: tools and services for survivors of sexual assault
  • Lola: organic feminine care products
  • Loop: Fair and transparent car insurance
  • Murmur: a collaborative platform to share working agreements
  • Nava: the future of employee health benefits
  • On Deck: where ambitious people grow together
  • Opal: Your digital wellbeing assistant
  • Oui The People: The reConstitution of Beauty
  • Practice: the platform I use to run my coaching practice
  • Rewatch: the private and secure video channel for your team
  • Retreat Guru: marketplace for wellness retreats
  • Schoolhouse: platform for micro-schools
  • Spot: mobile product for walking meetings
  • Storyboard: private audio for teams and enterprises
  • Supergreat: community for product reviews
  • Superpeer: paid video calls with influencers and experts
  • Teal: career coaching as a service
  • The Browser Co: a better way to use the internet
  • The Cru: a constellation of women committed to helping each other thrive
  • Unit: tools for employees to improve the workplace
  • Zipline: on-demand drone delivery for the world

Select VC Investments

Here are some of the companies I invested in during my run as a VC.

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