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I left ‘institutional VC’ life because I wanted to serve founders in the capacity of coach, advisor, mentor, and/or unwavering supporter. That's now the role I play.

I actively make angel investments out of a small fund primarily focused on pre-seed and seed stage technology companies. I have a slight bias to invest in companies based in New York City though I'm geo agnostic. I believe great founders, ideas and companies can emerge anywhere.

I made a deeply conscious decision to invest as an "army of one" rather than as a Partner at ‘X Fund.’ I don’t have partners. I move quickly. I have no overhead. I work one-on-one with founders. I focus on management, leadership, and personal growth. I prioritize relationships over transactions. I have a long-term horizon. I don't have ownership targets. That’s all by design.

I invest in technology companies who aspire to push humanity forward. More specifically, I focus on human potential, progress and productivity. I fundamentally believe that I have a responsibility to be an enabler and supporter of positive change and impact. I want to partner with those who are strongly guided by their mission, vision, and values.

When I get involved, I try to be helpful mostly around leadership, organizational development, personal productivity, self-care, go-to-market and fundraising. I strive to help founders become extraordinary leaders of highly effective and humane organizations. This is my value add and focus.

If you would like to dive deeper into my investment approach and philosophy, here's a FAQ with a bit more detail.

Angel Portfolio

I have invested in more than 15 companies since 2017. These ones are public at the moment.

  • Brightwheel: saas platform for early education
  • Carefull: the security system for your parents' money
  • Citizen: safety and awareness network
  • Clubhouse: drop-in audio chat
  • automated creativity tools
  • Every: a writer collective focused on business
  • Grapevine: platform that powers giving circles
  • Halcyon Health: evidence-based addiction recovery
  • Heat Watch: platform to help buildings reduce oil consumption
  • Homelister: a new way to sell your home
  • Leda Health: tools and services for survivors of sexual assault
  • Lola: organic feminine care products
  • Loop: Fair and transparent car insurance
  • Murmur: a collaborative platform to share working agreements
  • Nava: the future of employee health benefits
  • On Deck: where ambitious people grow together
  • Opal: Your digital wellbeing assistant
  • Oui The People: The reConstitution of Beauty
  • Practice: the platform I use to run my coaching practice
  • Rewatch: the private and secure video channel for your team
  • Retreat Guru: marketplace for wellness retreats
  • Schoolhouse: platform for micro-schools
  • Spot: mobile product for walking meetings
  • Storyboard: private audio for teams and enterprises
  • Supergreat: community for product reviews
  • Superpeer: paid video calls with influencers and experts
  • Teal: career coaching as a service
  • The Browser Co: a better way to use the internet
  • The Cru: a constellation of women committed to helping each other thrive
  • Unit: tools for employees to improve the workplace
  • Zipline: on-demand drone delivery for the world

Select VC Investments

Here are some of the companies I invested in during my run as a VC.

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