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Wanted: A Chief of Staff for High Output
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Wanted: A Chief of Staff for High Output

Wanted: A Chief of Staff for High Output

I founded High Output to help the creators of tomorrow realize their full potential as humans and leaders. One year into the business, it's clear the opportunity to help founders unlock their greatness is even larger than I had imagined. I'm achieving the mission today through one-on-one coaching but I know there's so much more we can do. The sky is the limit.

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm kicking off a search to hire my first Chief of Staff. This person is a Jack or Jill of all trades who is comfortable wearing many hats, managing several projects at once, and communicating effectively across a variety of mediums. They're a Project Manager and Producer wrapped into one.

On Monday, you'll be producing an interview series. On Tuesday, you'll be helping me organize a book club for founders. On Wednesday, you'll be helping the clients and portfolio founders we serve. On Thursday, you'll be conducting research for a blog post. On Friday, you'll be writing copy for a newsletter. Every day will be different and fast-paced.

While I'm looking for a minimum commitment of two years, I'm hoping the relationship will blossom into a longer term partnership. There will be lots of room for growth. This role is a stepping stone to starting a company or joining a high growth startup in an Operations or Product role.

Note: This is NOT a traditional VC job though you'll definitely have broad exposure and impact with my angel investing and portfolio of founders.

If what I've written might describe you and piques your interest, keep reading. Thanks in advance for your interest in the role or sharing it with those who might be.

💻 Responsibilities

  • Platform → Maintain all internal and founder-facing processes which power High Output.
  • Events → Produce a myriad of events for founders and the broader community.
  • Marketing → Manage external communications including email newsletter and social media.
  • Product Management → Own execution of founder-facing tools and micro-sites.
  • Research → Provide support with people and company research.
  • Operations → Support basic business operations including on-boarding and network activation

🧠 Ideal Experience

You share my enthusiasm for personal growth, leadership and supporting the creators of tomorrow. You're hyper organized, a strong communicator and a builder at heart. You can manage an end-to-end project, reengineer an inefficient process, and solve a myriad of business problems. You love self-expression and creating new things. You gain deep satisfaction by helping others and being part of a small team. You have demonstrated a high level of initiative and execution in a prior activity or role. You have at least 2 years experience in a startup operations role or other fast-paced environment. This is a pre-MBA role.

🙋🏾‍♀️ You

  • Aspire to build something at the earliest stages
  • Enjoy creating structure and scalable solutions that create leverage
  • Love to learn and cultivate new skills
  • Communicate effectively and succinctly across mediums
  • Get energy from helping, serving and impacting others
  • Don't mind working independently

🎯 Requirements

  • Exceptional human being (no assholes or ego maniacs)
  • Located in the US (bonus if you're in NYC)
  • Travel post-COVID (if outside of NYC)

💵 Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Equity in Schlaf Angel Funds
  • Opportunity to help build a company on the ground floor
  • Access to powerful network of founders, leaders and investors
  • Work alongside Schlaf in capacity of mentor, manager and coach
  • Deep dive into coaching, leadership development, media, angel investing and more

📝 How to Apply

Applications are officially open. The first phase of the process includes submitting several video responses and short written pieces. Please use YouTube, Vimeo or Loom to share your videos. These are due by May 31st, 2021.

  • Video 1: Why are you interested in the role? [60 seconds]
  • Video 2: What is an example of an initiative you took outside of school or work? [60 seconds]
  • Written 1: An email asking a founder / leader you admire to join the High Output Podcast (it doesn't exist yet)
  • Written 2: Tell me about a time that you managed a project from beginning to end. What was process? What tools to do you use? What was the outcome? [750 words max]
  • Written 3: What do you think is the biggest opportunity for High Output? How would you move this forward? [750 words max]

From the initial submissions, I'll select a smaller group for phone/video interviews and then a set of finalists will be asked to complete a paid project. I currently expect the process to be finished no later than June 15th. You should be available to start in early July.

Complete this form to submit your application. You can DM me on Twitter (@schlaf) if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you.

About High Output

High Output is a NYC-based leadership development firm for the creators of tomorrow. We help early stage founders and VCs realize their full potential as humans and leaders

High Output was founded by Steve Schlafman (a.k.a. Schlaf). Before becoming a coach, Steve was a VC at some of the top early stage funds in NYC. He began his career at Microsoft and The Kraft Group.

Follow these links to learn more about High Output and Steve.

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