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Hi, I'm Steve Schlafman. Just about everyone calls me Schlaf.

I'm a professional certified coach, facilitator, speaker, former operator and recovering VC. I'm also a devoted husband and father.

This phase of my life is dedicated to helping the creators of tomorrow realize their full potential as humans and leaders.

I currently operate High Output, a boutique leadership development company based in New York. I also love launching side projects such as The Founder Library, Tapestry, and The Ultimate Annual Review.

Throughout my career, I’ve held a mix of investing and operating roles at Primary Venture Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, RRE Ventures, The Kraft Group / The New England Patriots, Microsoft, Stickybits /, and Massive.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, meditating, reading, riding my bike, cooking, watching the Patriots, listening to music, and enjoying time in nature.

I split time between Manhattan and the Catskills.

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