The Golden Ticket Winner Is…

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Last month, RRE Ventures announced we would be sending a NYC-based entrepreneur to this week’s Female Founder Conference hosted by Y Combinator. I’m delighted to announce that Marianne Bellotti is the deserving winner based on the dozens of entries we received.  

Marianne is an engineer specializing in data infrastructure. She started hacking at 13 years old, finding a security vulnerability that allowed her to remove the parental controls her father had carefully installed to keep her from exploring the web unsupervised. She has worked for Radio Free Europe in the Czech Republic, Fair Trade organizations in West Africa and currently advises the UN as a Senior Software Developer. In April of 2013 she cofounded Exversion. By combining specially developed version control tools for data, Exversion allows developers and analysts to leverage the considerable amount of data being collected and released on the internet today. A true “github for data”, features like a RESTful API and access control allow users to clean and collaborate without jeopardizing the integrity of their data.

Join me in congratulating Marianne. We sincerely hope you have an amazing experience and build many meaningful relationships this weekend. 

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