RRE to send a NYC entrepreneur to Female Founder Conference

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As a VC who has worked closely with more than ten women-led startups and a husband to a “bootstrapping” entrepreneur, I’m incredibly bullish on the impact and influence that women entrepreneurs are going to have on the startup community over the next decade.  There’s a bunch of evidence that suggests more women starting and growing businesses than ever before.  That’s why I was so encouraged and excited when I read about Y Combinator’s Female Founder Conference earlier this week.

The team at RRE, which has backed many women-founded companies including Paperless Post, Bark Co. Floored and The Skimm, hopes that dozens of founders from NYC plan to attend this important event.  To encourage participation from the NYC ecosystem, RRE is going to “sponsor” one lucky NYC-based founder so she can attend the conference on our dime (roundtrip airfare and hotel for two nights).  It is our hope that this person will have the experience of a lifetime, build great relationships and pay it forward in startup land one day.  

If you have been accepted to the conference and you would like a chance to have RRE pay your way, please send an email by February 12th to community@rre.com with the title, FF Conference – Your Company, and following details:     

  • Founder Name
  • Company URL
  • Why should we choose you 

I’ll then aggregate the entries using Streak.com, a Y Combinator company, and chose a deserving founder based on need and purpose no later than February 13th.  

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Good luck to everyone, look forward to hearing from you and genuinely hope those of you who are able to attend have a career-changing experience. 

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